The BullockChain will leverage technology to build valuable assets while contributing toward a sustainable future as an inherent part of the ecosystem. The BullockChain plans to support non-profit organization by creating a self-drivable crypto currencies donation mechanism as a support system, largely for the benefit of the people and organizations working day and night to make this world a better place to live.

Perceiving the harmful effects of digital crypto mining on the climate, The BullockChain centers around environmental conservation efforts, assisting with counterbalancing and reversing the harm done by people and regular mining processes that require a lot of energy, all while generating income for network members. The BullockChain team plans to support organizations pursuing in the development and research of Plastics recycling. The United States of America alone generates about more than 35,000 tons of Plastic Waste. All this plastic should either be eliminated in the first place, where possible or should be recycled in a way that it does not end up piling out Land-fills and getting into the oceans. The Pacific Garbage patch alone has an estimated 1.8 Trillion pieces of Plastic in it.


XBUL is the first of many DeFi and Synthetic Asset products brought to you by The BullockChain team. On a mission to bring crypto to the average person, we plan to give everyone access and opportunity to shift from traditional finance to the new realm of decentralized finance. We bring to you the easiest yet most technologically sophisticated way to build assets, earn money, realize business ideas and make the world a sustainable living place for our future generation.

The BullockChain is a community driven Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) DeFi (Decentralized Finance) token with the concept of providing more values to the long-term holders of the token. XBUL is Hyper-deflationary with an integrated smart staking system built in to reward you, so more XBUL coins are being automatically added to your wallet each transaction. We want to make sure no one is left behind while world’s biggest transfer of wealth is just starting to take place!

An important goal of The BullockChain is to support non-profit and research organizations that are striving for a sustainable future. The earth has suffered enough irreparable damages resulting from by Petro-chemicals. Much of it is caused by our dependability on plastics and fossil fuels for our daily needs. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), plastics are a rapidly growing segment of municipal solid waste. There is an increasing trend of more than 40 million tons of plastic waste generated each year, out of which more than 75% goes to landfills largely untreated or unutilized. Plastic waste has already caused 5 large garbage patches in the ocean, including the Great Pacific garbage patch. While we cannot yet eliminate our dependence on the daily use of plastics, we can follow the 3R policy of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. However, recycling plastics here in the USA, is an expensive task which is why we exported much of plastic waste, most recently to China until they decided not to accept any further loads of plastic waste. Hence, it is crucial to come up with a long-term solution by supporting researches to counter the plastic waste problem. Researchers are exploring solutions from building LEGO like building blocks to plastic eating bacteria. The BullockChain Team wants to support the exploration of avenues for a sustainable living for all.


In each trade, the transaction is taxed a 10% fee, which is split 2 ways:

  1. Static Rewards: 5% of each transaction redistributed to holders
  2. Automatic LP: 5% of each transaction added to multiple liquidity pools


Fair Launch (No Pre-sale)

Un-Ruggable (Safe from Rug Pull): 40% of Total Token Supply Burnt

Trust is paramount in Cryptocurrency market which means to have transparency not just in the community but in security efforts as well. XBUL is due for an audit very soon. XBUL has burned 26% of the total supply and have locked majority of the LP Tokens. The BullockChain plans to burn more tokens in the second phase of the schedule.

100% Decentralized (100% Community-led, 100% Community-driven)

The BullockChain (XBUL) is a decentralized token supported by its community of enthusiasts. XBUL is by the people and for the people. XBUL plans to reach out to all communities around the globe by dedicating teams for various regions, expanding its reach to as many communities as possible.

Automated Liquidity (5% fee sent to liquidity for an ever-increasing price floor)

In the same way as other recent community-driven coins, liquidity is automatically included in the liquidity pool. The contract takes a 5% charge from any transaction, including buying, selling, or transferring between wallets, then, redistributes those tokens. A segment of that fee is added to the liquidity pool and matched with BNB. The penalty is a way to curb the extremes of the market; nonetheless, the redistribution rewards holders that hold while The BullockChain exchanges happen between these limits. The objective is to hold long-term holders and guarantee trust in investors to hold during unpredictability while acquiring redistributed returns.

Static Farming (5% per transaction directly distributed to all holders)

The longer you hold, the more XBUL you get in your wallet. Redistribution is provisional upon the numbers of the token being traded. It eases sell pressure caused by early investors buying at the token’s start, when the Liquidity Pool is extremely low. The incentive is that the initial investor’s prospective high sell volume would increase the amount of coins redistributed to the Liquidity Pool and community members’ wallets.

Automatic and Manual Burns (Burns help scarcity, therefore, providing upward pressure on prices in other words Less Supply More Demand)

26% of the Tokens were sent to the Burn Address in Phase 1. As this address also participates in the protocol, it accumulates more tokens, thereby, effectively removing them from circulation.

Faster block speeds as compared to Dogecoin

Cheaper gas fees since its built on Binance smart chain

Commitment to Sustainable Living

Token distribution amongst Team:

  • XBUL Team holds only 12% of the Total Supply
  • XBUL Team has already burned 40% of the total supply
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